Overlooking Blackwater Creek in Northern Lake County, Lake Norris Vineyard is Central Florida's only commercial vineyard specializing in fresh market muscadine grape cultivars.
Muscadine grapes have a rich tradition of cultivation by indigenous peoples that predates the Spanish colonization of Florida. Being native to Florida, muscadines naturally thrive in the sandy, slightly acidic soil and humid, subtropical climate of Lake County.
The Nystrom family founded Lake Norris Vineyard in 2012 with approximately 50 vines comprised of 12 cultivars. Lake Norris Vineyard has since grown to encompass 800 vines consisting of 22 cultivars spread across 8 acres of gently sloping land along the eastern bank of Lake Norris in Lake County, Florida.
Each summer, Lake Norris Vineyard produces an abundant crop of sweet, aromatic bronze and black fresh market muscadines. Harvest season begins in late July and continues into late September.
The muscadine grape cultivars Triumph and Supreme account for the majority of the vines at Lake Norris Vineyard. Both varieties were developed specifically for the fresh fruit market, as opposed to the processed juice market. Though they are both members of the same species, Triumph and Supreme differ in appearance, aroma, flavor, and harvest period.
Triumph is a bronze, early ripening muscadine variety with a mild floral aroma and a sweet, honey-like flavor. Although Triumph is referred to as a bronze variety, the color of Triumph berries is highly variable and often includes green, bronze, pink, and even reddish hues in a single berry.
Supreme is a late ripening, black muscadine cultivar known for its large berry size, crisp skin, and plum-like texture. Supreme has an intensely sweet flavor and a fragrance that is reminiscent of licorice.
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